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Are current strategies to manage terrorist acts risk in the BE effective?

Current Risk Reduction and Mitigation Strategies (RMRSs) are classified according to literature works, in terms of: target of the attack; type of attack; effectiveness in relation to the event time; implementation in the BE space; involvement of physical or management strategies. Regulations and guidelines from different Countries ensures to define four key factors for RMRSs implementation and effectiveness: the physical elements in the BE, the BE layout, the access and surveillance system of the BE and safety and security management before and during an attack.

The results from D1.3.2. evidence how the selection of specific RMRSs should depend on the possibility to apply it to the BE according to sustainability criteria and to the risk factors of D1.3.1. Let's discover how they can be improved in view of the research challenges of BE S2ECURe!

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