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BE S2ECURe project on SLODs and users' exposure in the BE published at Sustainability MDPI!

Considering SLODs, the BE S2ECURe project pursues the definition of sustainable risk-mitigation solutions for the exposed individuals’ health by considering the effective scenarios in which emergency conditions can appear.

Basing on WP2 and T2.2 activities, the new research contribution entitled "Flexible Workflow for Determining Critical Hazard and Exposure Scenarios for Assessing SLODs Risk in Urban Built Environments" traces a methodology to easily and quickly provide risk scenarios for heatwaves and air pollution.

This work has been recently published at the international scientific journal MDPI Sustainability, in the Special Issue "Simulations and Methods for Disaster Risk Reduction in Sustainable Built Environments"

Exposure peaks (identified by remote analyses on the intended use of urban built environment) are merged to peak conditions by overlapping air pollution and heatwaves occurrence. This action enables retrieving critical scenarios due to the presence of the individuals over time and built environment spaces. The application to an area of Milan, Italy demonstrates the approach capabilities to identify key input scenarios for future human behavior simulation activities from a user-centered approach. Discover more at the paper link in the Sustainability webpage!

To have a look at the project video, see youtube channel of the project! To check the main deliverables correlated to this project, look at D2.2.1, D2.2.2 and D2.2.5

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