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2021 is closing and new results have been published!

The identification and organization of factors influencing the risk of Open Spaces have been two of the pillars in WP1 activities of the BE S2ECURe project, since they allow to trace which elements should be investigated and modified to improve the resilience of the built environment and of its users.

To this end, the systematization of literature on seismic risk has been provided, mainly according to D1.2.1 activities. Results have been published in the international scientific journal "Sustainability" by MDPI.

The paper identifies specific factors influencing seismic risk in the Open Spaces, focusing on intrinsic vulnerability and existing built environment, through a systematic review from Scopus databases and a traditional bibliographic search using snowball analysis. The resulting risk factors are classified into five categories: 1) morpho-typology; 2) physical; 3) construction; 4) use and users; and 5) context. A preliminary risk index weighting each category in terms of such recurrences is also provided, thus representing a first useful step to support non-expert stakeholders in preliminary assessment actions. The paper is available here.

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