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Colloqui.AT.e 2024 conference & BE S2ECURe contribution

The project is going to finish and summary works of the results have been preliminary presented at the Colloqui.AT.e 20243 Conference, Palermo (Italy) 12-16/06/2024.

The contribution at the conference has been published in "Architectural engineering in Italy and worldwide, comparing experience" as the book of abstract of the conference (ISBN: 979-12-81229-09-9) while completed papers will be published soon by Springer:

  • Assessing the spatiotemporal impact of SLODs in urban square, considering user’s exposure and vulnerability

  • Simulation-based effectiveness evaluation of typological “best strategies” for single and multi-risk mitigation in historic squares

  • Behavioral-based multi-risk mitigation in historic squares: applying the BE S2ECURe approach to Piazza dell’Odegitria, Bari

By this way, contributions provides the complete overview of WP5 results and the applications to relevant case studies in WP6, tracing insights based on the application of emergency simulation models in multi-risk conditions.

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