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Results of the BE S2ECURe project on multi-SLODs published at Applied Sciences MDPI!

Dense built environments are critical scenarios for the simultaneous occurrence of Slow Onset Disaster (SLOD) events, being particularly prone to increasing temperatures and air pollution. According to WP2 activities, this publication provides the BE S2ECURe project approac to estimate the outdoor meso-scale multi-hazard-based risk, considering aggregated effects of the SLODs mentioned above.

Let's discover the contents of the work in the new research contribution entitled "A New Approach to Assess the Built Environment Risk under the Conjunct Effect of Critical Slow Onset Disasters: A Case Study in Milan, Italy", which has been recently published at the international scientific journal MDPI Applied Science. The paper is now available online here in the context of the Special Issue on "Beyond Energy Efficiency in Architecture. New Challenges and Research Trajectories for Buildings and the Built Environment".

To have a look at the project video, see youtube channel of the project! To check the main deliverables correlated to this project, look at WP2 results too!

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