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Risks and square typologies in historical centers: new results just published!

Aggiornamento: 12 set 2022

According to WP3 activities outcomes, the multi-risk assessment in Built Environment (BE) of our historical cities is widely affected by their morphological, constructive and use parameters.

A new paper on the matter has been just published on Journal of Cultural Heritage, and is now freely available here for 50 days. The paper is entitled "Urban morphology parameters towards multi-risk scenarios for squares in the historical centers: Analyses and definition of square typologies and application to the Italian context". The work relies on the following main aspects:

  • A methodology for defining physical features relevant for multi-risks is proposed.

  • Physical features of squares are quantitatively identified into parameters.

  • Identified parameters are tested on 133 squares used as case studies for further detailing and testing.

  • Parameters describe squares typologies performance in multi-risks scenarios.

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