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Results of the BE S2ECURe project on terrorist acts published at Sustainability MDPI!

Aggiornamento: 28 gen 2021

In the BE S2ECURe project, human-centred factors are key metric elements for risk and resilience assessment, as well as design and evaluation of risk mitigation and reduction strategies in the Built Environment (BE). Such an approach can overcome the limitation of current approaches, which seem to generally underestimate the influence of users’ behaviour in disasters and their relation with elements composing the BE and its management.

Basing on WP1 and T1.3 activities, is the core of the new research contribution entitled "Risk Reduction Strategies against Terrorist Acts in Urban Built Environments: Towards Sustainable and Human-Centred Challenges", which has been recently published at the international scientific journal MDPI Sustainability, in the Special Issue "Simulations and Methods for Disaster Risk Reduction in Sustainable Built Environments"

The research represents a basic step of the terrorist risk assessment in crowded BEs, which will be combined with the other threats (earthquakes, heat waves and pollution) in order to determine a performance-based approach useful in measuring the multi-risk resilience of BEs.

In this work, the attention is also focused on how such solutions can be modelled in behavioral evacuation simulation tools, how crowd conditions can be considered in this process, how such an approach is prone to effectively support people before and during the emergency. Discover more at the paper link in the Sustainability webpage!

To have a look at the project video, see youtube channel of the project! To check the main deliverables correlated to this project, look at D1.3.1, D1.3.2 and D1.3.3

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